OPINION: Justice.

Updated: Mar 2

I believe in Justice. Justice is a cornerstone of living in a modern Liberal Democracy. Justice, you can argue, is enshrined in every single human (or at least most) from birth, the need & want to make the world, your country, community & family a better place.

We live in a society, a country & a world where justice is said to be all-powerful; we are told to trust that

institutions will protect us, the people from injustice.

George Pell has fallen to Justice, although his sentence, too many, is not just. Six years for five counts of

Child Sexual Abuse, parole set at three years eight months. George Pell could be free after serving a little over eight months per conviction.

Some may call that justice, but if you take into consideration Ms Dhu, a 22-year-old Port Headland Aboriginal Woman who died in police custody for unpaid speeding fines, it certainly shines a different light.

Justice in Australia is biased towards the establishment. It’s why Witness K has been charged, the former Australian Spy revealed, that the Australian Government illegally spied on Timor-Leste cabinet meetings to gain the upper hand during oil negotiations.

The International Criminal Court ordered Australia to stop spying on a foreign government, a just decision. However, the Australian Government instead decided to take away Witness K’s Passport, preventing him from appearing at The Hague, circumventing justice. Moreover, the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions has filed criminal charges against him and his Lawyer.

Justice is not equal. It’s why Aboriginal people are incarcerated at a higher percentage than any other group in the world. They don’t proportionally commit more crime; they are just treated differently by a western legal system that doesn’t cater for them. It’s why people in remote and regional areas have to wait until court day to even meet with overworked and underpaid fly-in fly-out lawyers.

Justice is not equal in this country because while a powerful man such as Pedophile George Pell could be walking free in 4 years, ATO Whistleblower Richard Boyle could be sentenced to 161 - the crime? Exposing unfair debt collecting tactics, hurting the Australian people.

It’s going to get worse, the Federal Espionage and Foreign Interference Bill, which is now law, could jail anybody who reports on anything that could harm Australia’s international reputation, including breaches of international law by the Australian Government.

Justice in this country couldn’t have shown to be more blatantly broken if it tried.

Major financial institutions have committed horrific financial crimes. Peoples lives have been destroyed thanks to dodgy banks. After the Banking Royal Commission, The NAB CEO quickly resigned (or was pushed out), his parachute? $1,049,449 in his back pocket.

Crime does pay off if you play by the unwritten rules. However, if you happen to be poor, disadvantaged or go against the establishment - expect judgment to come down hard.

Justice, it would be nice for a change.