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September 2018

Visit to Australian Parliament


I had the privilege of being hosted by Senator for Western Australia, Senator Jordan Steele-John to the Federal Parliament in Canberra., where we had a meeting, before I watched Question Time. 

January 2019

Emerging Leaders Program


The opportunity to travel to Japan, the Republic of Korea and the Peoples Republic of China with UN Youth Australia. While we were in these countries, we met with politicians, law firms, international organisations, Government officials and Australian Trade Officials including the Australian Trade Commissioner to Shanghai


March 2019

WA State UN Youth Conference


The theme of the conference was 'States of Conflict" and focused on Australian and international security issues, including biosecurity, state security and personal security. I was tasked with representing the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea during model UN debates, including on the Human Rights Council. I also won best Interactive Problem Solving delegate. I was selected to represent Western Australia at UN Youth National Conference.

July 2019

Meeting & Report to Western Australian Youth Minister


I, along with a group of young people from Western Australia met with WA Youth Minister Peter Tinley in his ministerial office in Perth to discuss issues that affect young people in WA. I also wrote a report to the Minister about how we should reform the current secondary education system in Western Australia.  

July 2018

Submission to Federal Parliamentary Inquiry To Lower The Voting Age


September 2018

Q&A High School Special

I, along with 3 other Australian High School students appeared alongside Senator Penny Wong, the Shadow Foreign Affairs Minister & Senator Bridget McKenzie, the now Federal Agriculture Minister.

March 2019

Appeared before Parliamentary Hearing

I was asked to give evidence before the Parliamentary Joint Electoral Matters Committee in regards to a bill to lower the voting age in Australia.

July 2019

Visit to Western Australian Parliament 

I met with WA Labor representatives and Government MP's at State Parliament, before watching question time in the gallery. I also had a meeting with my local member, Kimberley MLA, Josie Farrer.


July 2019

UN Youth Australia National Conference

I was selected to be part of the Western Australian Delegation to UN Youth National Conference 2019. The theme was Age of Information, we talked about topics such as cybersecurity, journalism, education, privacy and transparency.

With a keynote address by Dr Suelette Dreyfus, who worked closely with and co-authored two books with Julian Assange.

I represented Hungary at both the Human Rights Council and General Assembly Model UN Debates, held in the chambers of the Victorian Parliament.

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