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I'm Dylan.


I'm a journalist & NGO director based in Western Australia.

I'm passionate about telling the stories of our diverse community.

I also work in the youth sector, ensuring that the voices of our future are not left out of our present.  



Audio storytelling and podcasts

As an award-winning broadcaster and producer with over a decade of experience in audio storytelling, I have an understanding of the nuances of sound and an ability to craft compelling narratives.  Whether it's producing thought-provoking news pieces, immersive documentaries, or engaging interviews, I have the experience and expertise to deliver work that is both informative and entertaining.

Freelance writing

With experience across the many sectors of the media industry, I possess a keen eye for detail. I am confident in my ability to produce engaging, informative, and accurate content that resonates with diverse audiences.

Speaking and consulting

As a skilled public speaker and consultant on youth engagement, I am passionate about helping you connect with and inspire the next generation. With years of experience working with youth from diverse backgrounds, I understand the challenges we face and what motivates us to take action.


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